1- Fetch the Ball

It is one of the most common games that people play with their pets. Often dogs are well tamed in this kind of sports. The game is simple. You can take your pet in some open are like a public park or any ground or even a big house lawn. There, throw the ball from your hands and teach the pet to fetch it. This will prove to be a good exercise for the pet. It will become habitual of not only having some good running in a day but also learn to obey his master. The game is nice one.

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2- Blanket Hurdles

Got no proper obstacles available at home? No problem. You can use blankets for this purpose. Those pet lovers who want to play the game of obstacle crossing with their animals, they can make hurdles at home with the help of blanket. All they need to do it to collect some blankets from different rooms in house. Fold them well and arrange in some open space like lawn. Keeping the appropriate distance between the blanket-made hurdles, they can ask the pet to run and cross them with high jumps. This is the easiest and totally free of cost way to play with the pet

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3- Tug of War

Whether in some room or in lawn of the house, tug of war is an easy and simple game that can be played with the pet. If you have a pet that will be nice to try with it. Hold some strong piece of cord or a little cloth in your hand. Make the pet to snatch it out from your hands with the help of its teeth. That will be funny pet applying force to take the cord out of other player’s hand. This game should be played not applying too much force that might cause harm to the pet.

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4- Frisbee Tossing

One interesting game that can be played with the pet is Frisbee tossing. Children also play this game with immense zeal. They can enjoy it with the pet as well. Even all the members of the family can participate in it with the pet they have. Frisbee is a round plate like instrument that is tossed in the air from one person to another. The pet remains among the players and tries to catch the Frisbee while it is in air. This creates a lot of fun for all the players and helps the pet to have good exercise for high jumps and catching things

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5- Finding the Treat

Another fun game that can be played with the pets is called ‘Finding the Treat’. It is a bit different from hide and seek. In this game one player shows different kinds of treats to the pet or pets. After doing this, he hides the treat at different places. Pets which are tamed already move to find out these treats at different places. One which finds the maximum treat is actually the winner of the game. The game ensures healthy competition among the pets. Besides that, it becomes an important way of joy for the players of the game participating

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