Corvid -19 Realities and Hurdles

The realities of Covid-19 lies in the fact that individuals must think about their future and this is world war three which is a survival war. Each person should decide his objective of income so that survival can be possible. This pandemic has been observed 100 years back. One of the viruses like it was named Ebola Virus which was brought from West Africa to Nigeria. People thought that malaria is affecting them as the symptom is fever .The article focuses on that how SARS virus has replaced corvid-19. The story behind the virus is giving an open shutter argument that this is a war among communism and capitalism. The capitalism is affecting affectively, and new world will soon emerge. The new businesses will be introduced as all places are hijacked and there is deep story behind it. The outbreak came because the scientist failed to control the anti-virus in their laboratory Wuhan. The story began that how the world will now look like. The novel virus has emerged three predicaments upon capitalism. The first one includes the consequences of financial instability due the pandemic health issues. The second crisis is that there are a lot of flaws in economic structure. The third crisis is the extension of loan for businesses through the government.